Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #204: Judy Purkiss

Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #204: Judy Purkiss

The first quarter of 2018 has multiple grant recipients and I’m pleased to announce that Judy Purkiss, a professional genealogist based in Western Australia, is the second. (You can read about the first recipient, Vine Lake Preservation Trust, here.)

The grant will provide funds to assist with photographing and indexing the Busselton Letters Book, a record of police correspondence in the area covering 1902 – 1913. The book records incidents such as robberies, fires, accidents and murders and lists the names of those people involved and a summary of the incident and investigation. Once photographed and indexed, a copy will be sent to the Western Australian Genealogical Society so anyone researching Western Australian ancestors will have access to the information.

As a reminder, you can apply for a Seton Shields grant here. Don’t miss checking out the cool projects I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to over the years, plus an article that will give you a behind-the-scenes peek into my grants program (and might help you increase your odds of being selected when you apply)!

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