Genealogy Roundup, October 18

Genealogy Roundup, October 18

90-Year-Old Grandma in the Czech Republic Passes Time By Artistically Painting Houses – h/t Messy Nessy Chic (who finds the coolest stuff online!)

Alex Jones teaches Hillary Clinton to speak Welsh on The One Show – Well, this would explain why Swansea University asked for my “full research” on Hillary Clinton’s Welsh heritage.

Talking bottles of 19 Crimes wine with augmented reality – I first bought this when I tripped across it in a store and was intrigued by the genealogy aspect of the labels. Turned out to be very good wine. Strange now to see it brought to life. My only question is: which genealogy company will partner with them?

Guy Seamlessly Photoshops Himself into His Old Childhood Photos – Way to torture future genealogists, Conor. 😉 (also, clever)

Photo Credit: Obec Louka

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