Genealogy Roundup, November 15

Genealogy Roundup, November 15

Ray Nance, Last of the Bedford Boys, Dies at 94 – Among my cases this year have been several “Bedford Boys.” If you’re not familiar with them, Bedford, VA is the American town that was hardest hit casualty-wise on D-Day (on a per capita basis). They lost 22 men that day.

I recently researched one case only to discover that the soldier’s brother had also been killed that day. And now I’m working one where one brother was killed two months later and the third made it back alive, but only after a year in a German POW camp.

As a tiny tribute to this town that made such an incredible sacrifice, I wanted to share this piece for Veterans Day.

Soldier Captured During Korean War Accounted For, (Harkness, H.) – Another one one of my soldiers has been identified. Sgt 1st Class Harry E. Harkness gave his life in Korea. Welcome home, Sir.

How a Long-Lost Photograph Revealed One Family’s Immigration Story – Imagine stumbling across photos of your family at Ellis Island!

Why You Should Write a Memoir—Even if Nobody Will Read It

‘Always remember: You’re a Madison’ – Mixed feelings on this one. Thoughts?

Decluttering is for the Living, Not the Dying – Anyone heard of “Swedish death cleaning” before?

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