Genealogy Roundup, May 19

Genealogy Roundup, May 19 Becomes A Path To Sierra Leone Citizenship For Black People Whose Roots Trace To The West African Country

The story behind Paul McCartney’s “Magic Piano” – Hey, Beatles fans! Check out this article about Paul McCartney’s magic piano by my friend Brendan Farrell!

The Amazing Women in Stephen Colbert’s Family Tree – On his (recent) birthday, celebrating the ancestors who brought us the amazing Stephen Colbert! 🎂

TJ Holmes interviews Megan Smolenyak about her research on President Obama’s Irish roots – Continuing to share some of the videos I’ve unearthed during my decluttering, and given that Sunday, May 23rd, will be the 10th anniversary of meeting President Obama when he went to Ireland to explore his roots, this seems a good time to share this fun interview with TJ Holmes leading up to it. ☘️

Top Photo Credit: Steve Evans

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