Genealogy Roundup, March 3

Genealogy Roundup, March 3

A Proclamation on Irish-American Heritage Month, 2021 – It’s that time of year! ☘️

Barry Manilow Is a Limerick Man – Would you have guessed that Barry Manilow has roots in Limerick, Ireland? ☘

MyHeritage to be Acquired by Leading Private Equity Firm Francisco Partners – So much happening in the genealogical corporate world these last few months. Now it’s MyHeritage’s turn.

Animate Your Ancestors: When the 21st Century Meets the 19th – Well, my day’s shot. 😅😅😅 By the way, this article also includes an animation of Barack Obama’s Irish 3rd great-grandfather, Fulmoth Kearney.

19 Crimes wine and app – I just realized why I’m more comfortable with ancestor animation than some others. I’ve been using a variation of it since 2017 with the 19 Crimes app. From what I can see, the mouth is the hardest bit to animate, so I wonder if and when the ability to put words into our ancestors’ mouths will arrive. 😬

Photo Credit: Caroline Johnston

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