Genealogy Roundup, June 12

Genealogy Roundup, June 12

A Brutal Inheritance – This reminds me of a mystery in Cory Booker’s family tree that I solved with a combination of traditional and genetic genealogy. Interesting read.

Beer Is Just One Reason Everyone Gets Along At Sugar Creek’s Annual Slavic Festival – OK, look. I’m happy to see them wearing kroje. But HELL TO THE NO, AN ELLIS ISLAND OFFICIAL DID NOT ADD THE O’ IN FRONT OF YOUR SLAVIC SURNAME!!!

*This has been a public service announcement from a fed up genealogist.*

NatGeo Discontinues Genographic Ancestry Kit Sales, Will Shutter Service by End of 2020 – RIP, NatGeo Genographic. 😞

Woman Uncovers Family History At Lansdale Vintage Store  – Thank goodness she held on to these treasures.

Spanish-American War medal uncovered in Sarasota by man’s metal detector  – Another cool reunion tale.

Oprah’s Keynote at Statue of Liberty Museum Opening  – Oprah speaks at the opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum on May 15, 2019. Her initial comments pertain to Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) who spearheaded the efforts to raise funds for the museum.

She remarks on Lady Liberty’s long-held association with immigration and the American dream, but also addresses the myth vs. the reality – citing the fact that women couldn’t vote, the Chinese Exclusion Act, and Jim Crow. “Make no mistake,” she says, “Lady Liberty’s spirit of inclusion did not extend to people of color.”

Speaking of America’s path, she states, “The wheel is still in spin.” Her speech is ultimately a call to action reminding us that the quest for freedom and the American dream are up to us: “Freedom is what our ancestors died for, and it’s what they lived for, and what we must fight to preserve.”

Photo Credit: Mississippi State Penitentiary Photo Collections

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