Genealogy Roundup, April 5

Genealogy Roundup, April 5

Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori – Very Grand Budapest Hotel-ish …

Jessica Biel discovers Alton family roots

This underground railroad took slaves to freedom in Mexico – This reminds me of the research I did on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s family – a little known aspect of our history.

True Doors – The Story Behind the Door – Cool idea – esp for nursing homes.

Soldier Missing From Korean War Identified (Durakovich) – Delighted to learn that Master Sgt. Joseph Durakovich – is coming home. I had the honor of researching his family in 2004.

‘Grammar vigilante’ changes incorrect business signs across Bristol under cover of darkness – A man after my own heart. He’s got an “apostrophiser.”

Seventeenth-Century Shopping List Discovered Under Floorboards of Historic English Home – 1633 shopping list

Image Credit: Luca Segato

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