Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #222: Rosie Rowley

Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #222: Rosie Rowley

I’m happy to announce that the 222nd (and final!) grant has been awarded to Rosie Rowley.

Since 2013, Rosie has been researching people in Macclesfield, Cheshire in the UK who lost their lives in WW1, and compiling the information. She shares that she has heard from many people who have been grateful to learn about their relative who served in the war. Her research has also been used for many local exhibitions over the years, and to inform the Commonwealth War Graves Committee ( of errors in their records.

Rosie’s goal is to scan the Macclesfield library’s partial index of local newspapers on cards (covering selected years 1811-1970) and combine the information with her WWI index so the information would be more easily searchable.

She started out using a portable scanner that can only handle about 2 of these cards per minute. Grant funds will be used to buy a faster portable scanner with a document feeder that can handle 20 cards per minute, allowing Rosie to, in her own words, “make short work of copying the cards and . . . move on to producing the digital index.”

Rosie is currently in the process of moving her website to a new domain and host and we will link to her website, where over the years she has made her research freely available to anyone who is interested, when the process is complete.

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