Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #199

Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #199

This quarter, I awarded a grant to the Westside Cemetery Preservation Association to support their work of restoring and cleaning up the gravesites of enslaved African Americans and their descendants, found in cemeteries that have become overgrown and are largely hidden in secluded woods near sugar cane fields in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

You can read more about the work of the Westside Cemetery Preservation Association in this newspaper article and on their Facebook page, which includes a video entitled Amongst the Cane Fields that will give you a quick overview of the “who, what, and why of WCPA”.

To join me in supporting their efforts, please consider making a donation via their GoFundMe campaign.

To apply for a Seton Shields grant, fill out and submit the form here. You can see examples of past grant awards here.

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