Genealogy Roundup, September 9

Genealogy Roundup, September 9

Nebraska couple dons original wedding dress, suit in sweet photo after 60 years of marriage

On Witness and Respair: A Personal Tragedy Followed by Pandemic – I once had the privilege of being on a book festival panel with Jesmyn Ward and a handful of other authors. It was so early in her career that she didn’t realize that *she* was the gifted one. Read this and you’ll understand.

Reclaiming a hero who tried to save President McKinley – Please read (and consider sharing) this thoughtful piece on Jim Parker, a Black man whose heroism was erased – and the efforts to restore him to memory. Thanks to Sean Kirst for inviting me to do some sleuthing on this. 🙏

Through some internet sleuthing, a stranger from Maryland was able to track down my grandmother to send her something he found while volunteering at a used book drive: a telegram of her birth announcement…from 1928. – For those on Twitter, I got to help out with the coolest orphan heirloom reunion!

Explaining genetics: 😆

(source: DNA RNA Universe)

Genealogy mask of the day #17: Future Tribe Kente

Genealogy mask of the day #18: Disturb The Dead

Genealogy mask of the day #19: Great Grandmother’s Recipes

Genealogy mask of the day #20: Emme Richny Creations

Genealogy mask of the day #21: DNA Tree

Genealogy mask of the day #22: Irish Linen

Genealogy mask of the day #23: Angel in the Morning

Genealogy mask of the day #24: Heritage of Isfahan Iranian carpet print

Genealogy mask of the day #25: Tartan

Top Photo Credit: Katie Autry Photography

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