Genealogy Roundup, September 27

Genealogy Roundup, September 27

Family preps memorial service for World War II pilot who disappeared 74 years ago – One of my cases. Delighted that he was buried this past weekend. RIP, 1st Lt. Francis Pitonyak.

Family speaks out after WWII soldier is identified – Welcome home, Pfc Gerald F. Wipfli. (Another one of my soldiers who was laid to rest recently)

I often trip across articles about the soldiers whose cases I’ve worked on, as I did with Pfc Gerald F. Wipfli who was buried this past weekend. But what’s unusual in this instance is that his family did a traditional obituary even though he gave his life decades ago. Lovely. I wish all families would do this.

‘South Park’ to Skewer White Oppression, Genealogy Sites – Well, I guess this was inevitable. Warning: do NOT watch the video unless you can handle salty language and other cringe-inducing aspects.

As I mentioned a few months back, “Genealogy Roadshow” began in Ireland, came to the US, and now has crossed back the Atlantic to the UK. And now they’re casting. So UK genies, here’s where to apply, if interested.

Photo Credit: Tim Evanson

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