Genealogy Roundup, October 28

Genealogy Roundup, October 28

Dervla Murphy: ‘Older travellers are now more intrepid than the young’

Meet The Physicist Building A Time Machine To See His Dead Father

Why Irish Dirt is Worth Millions of Dollars – Some of this dirt was sprinkled on the grave of Annie Moore of Ellis Island fame

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bradley Cooper’s Family History of Cooking – Round about the 3:00 minute mark, they start talking about their family histories and grandmothers – apparently, Cooper’s family was into garlic-packing

Suzanne Koven on White Matter : A Memoir of Family and Medicine – This book sounds intense, but intriguing. Might have to read it.

Genealogy Today: British Peers turn to DNA – This sounds as if it could open up a can of worms to me – do they really want to know how many “outside children” there have been in the peerage over the years?

Best-Selling Author Lisa See Offers Valuable Chinese-American Genealogy Resource

Russia will exhume Tsar Alexander III in a final bid to prove remains of the country’s last emperor Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their two children are genuine – I wonder if the Romanovs will ever get to RIP . . .

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