Genealogy Roundup, October 21

Genealogy Roundup, October 21

Sean Kirst: For Audubon, forgotten handshake over honey turns into one sweet deal – Sean Kirst always finds the most intriguing people to profile.

“Charlie’s conversation is filled with casual and admiring reflections about his bees, as if he were speaking of eccentric but determined neighbors.” 🐝🐝🐝

Why Ireland’s Pub Owners Have Long Moonlighted as Undertakers – There’s nothing not to like about this article. Also, this tradition needs to be resuscitated.

Joe Biden’s Irish clan hopes for White House triumph – Nice dive into Joe Biden’s Irish roots and cousins! Lovely to get a shout-out as well.

Joe Biden could return to Irish roots as US president – BBC asked me about Joe Biden’s Irish roots, but wound up quoting me about what sort of fellow he is, and I rather like that:

“And that right there gives you a little taste for Joe, he treats everybody the same. It doesn’t matter what your station is in life. He really is the caring person that you see when you watch television.”

Cuomo Unveils Statue of Mother Cabrini – patron saint of immigrants 🗽

Mary and the Púca – Where my fellow Irish Americans at? Or for that matter, anyone who just enjoys a good yarn? Give yourself a break and take a dive into this what-happened-next, Irish folk tale by Brendan Farrell! And while you’re there, why not give him a follow on Medium, if you’ve joined? ☘️

Genealogy mask of the day #48: Tracing My Ancestors

Genealogy mask of the day #49: Seasonal offerings from an Irish millinery Little Rose Design

Genealogy mask of the day #50: Ancestor Whisperer

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