Genealogy Roundup, May 17

Genealogy Roundup, May 17

Come through, Jonesboro, GA! 3rd great-grandmothers of Michelle Obama & Meghan Markle both lived there in 1870, 5 years post-Emancipation. Who’d have imagined their descendants would become First Lady of USA & British royalty?!

Tips for Tracing Your Family Tree – Um, so my “Who Do You Think You Are?” book was supposedly the inspiration for the series Who Do You Think You Are?

#HeyJohnKelly: Trump Chief of Staff Takes Heat Over Assimilation Comments

Unclaimed but still remembered – I have worked with Lackawanna County, PA for over a decade to keep the number of unclaimed people to a minimum, but it’s lovely to see the way the exceptions are treated.

My great-grandfather had the awesome name of Yurko Sydorko. What’s the most amusing/unexpected name in *your* family tree?

Photo Credits: Chuck Kennedy/Public Domain (photo of Michelle Obama) and Northern Ireland Office (photo of Meghan Markle)

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