Genealogy Roundup, March 9

Genealogy Roundup, March 9

The Secret Rooms That Were Custom Built to Hide Your Priest – In case you were wondering where to hide your priest . . .

How the BBC’s ‘Secret History of my Family‘ reveals the truth about social mobility in Britain – Would like to see something like this in the US

Mixed-Race Korean Adoptees Use DNA to Search For Roots – Great application of genetic genealogy

Why Sleeping in a Former Slave’s Home Will Make You Rethink Race Relations in America

The female Artful Dodgers: A fascinating genealogy show unearths the story of gang of girl pickpockets – The more I hear about this show, the more I love it. Please, please, please come to the US!

Mark My Words: The Subversive History of Women Using Thread as Ink

Name mapping website shows the roots of your surname – To tell you the truth, I usually ignore sites like this because they tend to do a poor job with names like Smolenyak, but darned if this one doesn’t handle it (except for sort of conflating Slovakia and the Czech Republic). You might want to see what it tells you about yours.

DNA reveals fraternal twins have different fathers

Yard of Lost Toys – A little eerie, no? Incidentally, I’ve been to this city on a business trip and have roots about 30 km north.

Photo Credit: Quodvultdeus/CC BY-SA 3.0

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