Genealogy Roundup, March 16

Genealogy Roundup, March 16

How Can Paris Let this Museum of Music Treasure Close Down?

John Kasich: A Carpatho-Rusyn Pennsylvanian – I figured John Kasich was probably Carpatho-Rusyn and it turns out he is

New Ancestry Show is like Who Do You Think You Are? – With a Twist – Still more on that show I hope comes to America

Shutterbug: How One Female Photographer Produced an Invaluable Record of Communist Poland – Whoa . . .

Korean War Soldier Receives Full Military Burial Honor 60 Years Later – Whoa. This is a soldier I researched way back in 2001 (yes, really), and I can see from my notes that his was a tough case. So pleased he’s finally been identified and received proper honors. The video here has great footage of a military funeral. You can’t help but be moved by it.

On the trail of the Kearny Cross and Charlotte E. McKay – Check out this great detective work by Bob Velke involving one of the very few women to receive the Kearny Cross for bravery during the U.S. Civil War.

Trend Alert: Is Heritage Travel The Next Big Thing? – What do you think? Trend? (Kind shout out for yours truly at the end).

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