Genealogy Roundup, June 8

Genealogy Roundup, June 8

Who’s the man in the ‘mirror’? Historians investigate mystery photo booth portraits

#IAmAnImmigrant Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Wilmer Valderrama and More! – Though every school child knows that America is a nation of immigrants, I think we as genealogists are hyper-aware of this – which is why I love this. As a French-born, Irish-Rusyn American, I am so grateful to those in my family tree who had the guts to leave everything familiar behind to take a chance on something better. Members of my family were illiterate as recently as the 1940s, and now I get to be a writer.

In Philadelphia, finding dignity for bodies left unclaimed – Here’s the recent interview Janis Martin and I did re: Unclaimed Persons (radio & text).

Taken from life: The unsettling art of death photography

Lost and Found in Uzbekistan: The Korean Story, Part 1 – This is a new one to me. Uzbek Koreans. Who knew?

How do your 20,000 genes determine so many wildly different traits? They multitask.

Obama Fest returns to Moneygall – One of the more unexpected outcomes of my previous research


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