Genealogy Roundup, June 28

Genealogy Roundup, June 28

How the Rusyns Could Save Civilization – An oldie, but a goodie for those who have ever wondered about Rusyns. And yeah, we’re still here! h/t Maryann Sivak

Airman Missing From World War II Identified (Betchley) – Welcome home, Lt. George W. Betchley. Honored to have researched your family.

If You Have a Big Family, You’ll Want to Steal This Grandkid Photo Idea – Color-coded (and sequenced) grandkids! Brilliant!

Four covers help tell the narrative of immigration through Ellis Island

The Science of Wanderlust – I have *seriously* got this gene. And Anthony Bourdain’s grandfather was a stowaway at 13. Just sayin’.

Image Credit: Heather Mull

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