Genealogy Roundup, June 16

Genealogy Roundup, June 16

My Father Vanished When I Was 7. The Mystery Made Me Who I Am. – An intriguing read if you’ve got the time. Another mystery solved by genetic genealogy. 🧬

Joe Biden: Unearthing the president’s unsung English roots – This “no one wants to be British” framing is odd. The reality is that many Americans now have a very mixed heritage, and if they’re part English, that bit is often minor and/or distant. That said, plenty of Americans are proud of their British roots!

‘A beacon for all to see’: Naturalized citizen transforms damaged tree into Statue of Liberty – Here’s an idea if your trees get bashed by a bad storm 🗽

Playing with the ‘Voilà AI Artist’ app

Top Photo Credit: Nicholas Casey

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