Genealogy Roundup, June 13

Genealogy Roundup, June 13

A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain and His Wild, Vagabond Roots – Anthony Bourdain died in France – the country his grandfather left as a stowaway at 13 to come to America. So tragic. What a wild spirit we all had a chance to witness at play. RIP to a truly one-of-a-kind.

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Prince’s Roots – Wish he were still with us.

Waterloo man reunites with 100-year-old mother

Howie Mandel Reveals His Long-Lost Relatives – I didn’t see the one older fellow immediately, so my first thought was, “Yikes, these must be his kids through sperm donation!” Howie Mandel: “23 and me” taken literally

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