Genealogy Roundup, June 1

Genealogy Roundup, June 1

An Ohio town where races have mixed freely for more than 200 years

A grandmother’s trove of Civil War photos goes to Library of Congress

Genealogy lesson from Michelle Obama on Twitter . . .

Forgotten Lives Remembered in Special Funeral Service – Love this. Ann Lacertoso-Berardelli, who works with the Lackawanna County Coroner’s Office, was the one who sent it to me. Lackawanna was the first county I ever worked with on Unclaimed Persons cases. They’re the ones I cold-called after reading an article about this phenomenon that was entirely new to me at the time. They invited me to visit and entrusted me with cases when no one else was even thinking of genealogists in this capacity. So ultimately, they were the impetus behind the creation of the volunteer Unclaimed Persons group. Lovely to hear of local students getting involved this way.

Trace the face: how tech has changed the way we find missing people – “Google for refugees”

Photo Credit: The James and Sophia Clemens Farmstead, one of the oldest and last remaining landmarks in Longtown, Ohio. The Clemens house is listed by the National Register of Historic Places and Longtown is recognized by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Photo by Nyttend via


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