Genealogy Roundup, July 8

Genealogy Roundup, July 8

Amid the pandemic, a family learns their neighbors are their long-lost relatives – OK, this is one of the coolest genealogy stories I’ve read in a long time! Would have been a great serendipity tale for my “In Search of Our Ancestors” book. ❤️

Reclaim The Records Wins Our Freedom of Information Fight for 19th + 20th Century Birth and Death Records from Yonkers, New York – If you’ve got Yonkers roots, you now know what you’re doing for the next week! 👏👏👏

A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain and His Wild, Vagabond Roots – In honor of Bourdain Day, I’m sharing this peek into his past. Miss his wild spirit in our midst.

When the obit mentions the deceased’s daughter Debbie and his other daughter Debbie.

Here’s Colonial Williamsburg:

Top Photo Credit: Sarah Porath

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