Genealogy Roundup, January 13

Genealogy Roundup, January 13

The Record Keepers’ Rave – If you’re not on Twitter yet, you might want to join just for the Archives Hashtag Parties.

Pharmacogenetic and Genealogy Pioneers Merge for Historic Partnership – Was wondering when something like this would happen. Family Tree DNA merging with an Australian company. 🧬

Philip Reed, The Enslaved Man Who Rescued Freedom – Seemed a fitting time to remind people of this chapter of American history.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Joe Biden’s Roots – Thinking there might be a surprise or two in here for everyone. Here’s one snippet:

“The more you explore the branches of the family tree, the more living cousins you’ll find with ancestry of all stripes — Japanese, Russian and German Jewish, Puerto Rican, and so forth. And like Barack Obama, he has Hawaiian cousins. When I reached out to one to explain the connection, not surprisingly, the reaction was, “What!?””

Image Credit: Johnson County Museum of History

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