Genealogy Roundup, February 8

Genealogy Roundup, February 8

The George Peabody Library – Check. Out. This. Library. Happy to have married in New Zealand, but this would be a close 2nd choice for my wedding.

You’ll have to click through to see as it’s whole-screen. Might also want to browse through the photo gallery.

h/t Messy Nessy Chic

Marcel’s Letters: A Font and the Search for One Man’s Fate – Just blurbed a fun history mystery book. Rarely do this as I don’t have much time to read for pleasure, but it was an orphan heirloom case, so couldn’t resist!

The Cork girl who was first through Ellis Island’s gates

Researcher maps hidden graveyards of slaves who once tilled Louisiana sugar cane fields – ♥

‘Cake Boss’ talks about the importance of family, legacy – Interesting read about his Italian heritage.

How To Plan The Trip Of A Lifetime With Your DNA – I’ve worked with a high end travel company to plan specialized roots travel, so have no problem with that, but is it just me or is this DNA travel stuff a case of oversell?

Who’s had experience with Living DNA? Can you offer any insights?

I suppose I’m wary of them because I once caught a tweet of theirs that essentially said that DNA testing was the best/only way to go (a tweet which they subsequently deleted after I brought attention to it).

To be clear, I am as much a fan of genetic genealogy now as when I began waaaay back in 1999, but I’m always concerned when I see a vendor that seems – from my perspective – to be over-promising as it tends to lead to a backlash for genetic genealogy as a whole (i.e., media attention claiming to reveal the hype).


Photo Credit: Ian Freimuth

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