Genealogy Roundup, February 3

Genealogy Roundup, February 3

12-Year-old’s Time Capsule From 1949 Returned to Him as a Man in His 70s

‘Mr Big’ Chris Noth lands in Ireland to research his ancestry – Chris Noth films in County Cavan, Ireland & Serbia for “Who Do You Think You Are?” So next season includes Mr. Big & Molly Ringwald

A Father’s Invisible Presence – Susan Johnson Hadler shared her incredible story on the very first TV show I ever worked on – “Ancestors” on PBS. Recently, she wrote a book about her rediscovery of the father she had never known, and Utne Reader has included an excerpt. Take a read and a browse. You won’t be disappointed.

Cameron Boyce Shares His Grandma’s Story In a Black History Month Video for Disney – Loved this video. Hope you will, too.

Mother, daughter reunited after 82 years of separation

The Merry Cemetery – Who thinks ALL cemeteries should be merry ones?

Michelle Obama’s Ancestors: The Great Mixing

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