Genealogy Roundup, February 20

Genealogy Roundup, February 20

Owner beats N.J. government agency seeking to seize family home – for now – Good for him! 98-year-old home and it’s been in his family since 1969.

He took a DNA test in search of his birth father — and found a daughter instead – Did not see that plot twist coming at the end 😲 (and BTW, I don’t mean the one the headline suggests)

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Revolutionary Ancestors – For those who haven’t seen this, I thought I’d share it for Black History Month. That might surprise some, but give it a read and you’ll see.

Soldier Accounted For From Korean War (Schipani,G.)  – Welcome home, Sgt. George R. Schipani. Honored to have researched your family.

Soldier Accounted For From Korean War (Rix, J.) – Whoa. I researched the family of this Korean War soldier 50 years after his loss, way back in 2000. 19 years ago. So glad his family will finally be able to put him to rest. Welcome home, Cpl. James C. Rix.

No Man Left Behind: Capt. Lawrence E. Dickson

Fine Lineage launches a new line of custom, museum quality family trees and lineage charts – some cool options here for family 🌳🌳🌳

Meet Your Great-Great-Grandfather, Matt Gaetz

Photo Credit: Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

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