Genealogy Roundup, April 4

Genealogy Roundup, April 4

Europe’s emigration museums: Remembering the long goodbye – Europe’s departure ports – counterpoints to Ellis Island

Funeral Announcement For Soldier Missing From The Korean War (McDowell, W.) – This makes 8 in 2 weeks. I researched this soldier waaay back in 2006! RIP to Cpl. William C. McDowell of Arkansas who lost his life in Korea. Welcome home, Sir.

Tennessee soldier killed in North Korean camp identified and honored – More re: Cpl. Thomas H. Mullins of TN who gave his life in the Korean War.

The Amazing Women in Stephen Colbert’s Family Tree – As both Women’s History Month and Irish American Heritage Month wound down, I thought I’d share this about the family tree of Stephen Colbert.

War Numbers: Counting the Irish-born Dead in WWI – Got my geek on!

Commemorative Silver Coin-Shaped Medallion To Honor Sgt. Henry Johnson – Any artist friends or family members? Or maybe you’re one yourself? Here’s a contest to design a medallion to honor Henry Johnson, a WWI hero. I had the privilege of researching him for the Army in preparation for his long overdue award of the Medal of Honor by President Obama a couple of years ago. Please share with anyone you think might be interested. Thanks!

The Immigrant Ancestors Ann Coulter Wishes She Didn’t Have – Well, this is a surprise. Medium decided to feature my article about Ann Coulter’s immigrant roots. If you haven’t seen this before and happen to read and like it, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d “clap” for it by clicking on the little pair of hands at the bottom left of the article on MEDIUM. Sorry to keep asking, but it helps with the visibility of my articles. In fact, it might be what helped them select this one to feature! Thanks so much!

Rick Steves’ European Easter: Easter Egg Traditions

People reveal the unusual items they’ve found after a loved one’s death

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