Genealogy Roundup, April 12

Genealogy Roundup, April 12

The first world war helped shape modern America. Why is it so forgotten?

National Archives Store – Making sure we know about all elements of our history, the National Archives has ventured into the retro cocktail business.

Tartan Flip Flops – Any Tartan, with matching bag – Fill in the blank: Scotland and flip-flops go together like …

Korean War veteran’s remains identified – Article about one of my soldiers recently identified. I’m the one who called him out of the blue back in 2004. RIP, Sgt. Joseph Durakovich.

Woman who lived in former slave cabin visits Smithsonian

The journey to webinar #500 – Whoa! 500 genealogical webinars from Legacy Family Tree! Congrats on the milestone!

Photo Credit: Bill Barber

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