Genealogy Roundup, April 10

Genealogy Roundup, April 10

For Sale: The Entire Town of Story, Indiana – I mean, even if you weren’t in the market to buy a small town, wouldn’t one named Story(ville) be tempting?

Found: A Fancy Baby Boot From the 14th Century – You know you’re a genealogist when your first thought is whether they could do some DNA testing to learn more about the fancy baby.

We Tried To Find 10 BuzzFeed Employees Just Like Cops Did For The Golden State Killer – So many thoughts . . .

Dear Photograph – ❤️

96-year-old Mom Reunites with Daughter she was Forced to Give Up 82 Years Ago – ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Tim Schrandt of Ridgeway, Iowa – Too good not to share.

Photo Credit: Benjamin

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