In Search of Capt. Lawrence E. Dickson, Tuskegee Airman – Interesting video about a case I’m working on at the moment. Have done the research – now in the making contact phase. Hope to submit shortly!

5 Questions That’ll Bring You Closer to Your Dad – One of those situations where our half-hour discussion got boiled down to a paragraph (I’m the last in this series), but may be of interest to my fellow genies.

What Is It Like To Be . . . a Genealogist? – Did a fun interview with Kidsville News about being a genealogist!

Soldier Killed During World War II Accounted For (Johnson, R.) – So pleased that Pvt. Rudolph Johnson is coming home. Honored to have researched his family.

Airman Killed During World War II Accounted For (Fazekas) – Welcome home, 1st Lt. Fazekas. Privileged to have researched your family.